Are you interested in teaching music online but don’t know how to begin?


Have you started your online music teaching business but hit a roadblock that you don’t know how to overcome?


Or, have you heard about teaching music online and want to know if it’s the right move for you as a teacher?


If so, you’re in the right place to get started on the right foot with teaching music online.


Launching an online music teaching business can seem like a huge hill to climb, especially if you’re new to working on the internet.


But, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle, in fact in can be fun and relatively easy to begin your online teaching business.


The articles on this page will show you the right path to take when teaching music online.


Each guide breaks down the most common problems faced with new online music teachers, and helps you overcome those obstacles with easy-to-follow guidelines.


Whether you’re brand new to teaching music online, or have hit a roadblock in your business, these guides will help you take the next step in your online journey.



Teach Music Online Starter Kit


Before you take the plunge into teaching online, download the free Teach Music Online Starter Kit.


This PDF eBook teaches you everything you need to know about starting an online music teaching business. In this guide you’ll learn how to:


  • Build a music teaching website.
  • Recruit your first online music students
  • Effectively use social media.
  • Build your online teaching brand.
  • Create your first music-teaching product.
  • And more.


Download the Starter Kit and begin teaching music online.

Teach Music Online Beginner’s Guide


Have you started your journey into online teaching, but haven’t been able to get your business off the ground?


Then this guide is for you. In the Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Music Online, you’ll learn about the various ways that you can teach online through video, text, audio, and paid products.


If you know you want to teach online, but don’t know where to start, or are unsure if teaching online is for you, this guide will answer your questions and set you on a path to teaching music online.


Read the Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Music Online.


Music Teaching Website: Build and Launch Guide


One of the biggest hurdles teachers face when moving into the online world is building a website.


While a professional looking website may seem like a daunting and expensive task, advances in technology have made it easy and affordable to build your own website.


As well, even if you have zero knowledge about html or coding, you can have a website up and running in a few hours.


Read about How to Launch a Music Teaching Website.

Music Teacher Branding: Essential Guide


One of the most difficult stages in developing your online teaching business is building your brand as a music teacher.


With more and more people moving into online music teaching, you’ll need to figure out what makes you unique and share that with your online community.


This could mean having a unique teaching approach, a personalized system of learning, or other means of differentiating yourself online.


Read about How to Build Your Music Teaching Brand.


Recruit Music Students Online


Building a successful online music teaching business rests on your ability to recruit music students online.


You can have a beautiful website, cool-looking social media platforms, and a slick YouTube channel, but, this doesn’t mean that if you build it they will come.


In order to grow your online teaching studio, you’ll have to actively recruit music students online.


Learning how to recruit students while building your reputation, and not doing any hard selling, will ensure that you are able to grow your online music business over time.


Read about recruiting music students online.

Music eBook: Writing, Marketing, and Selling


With all that needs to be learned, it can seem like an overwhelming task to write a music eBook.


You have to learn about how to write the eBook, how to include musical examples, how to sell the book, and how to deal with customer service.


But does it have to be that intimidating? It turns out that writing and selling an eBook is achievable by most, if not all music teachers.


By using the methods presented in this article, you’ll be able to write, market, and sell the music eBook you’ve always wanted to write.


This article will take you from day one, coming up with a topic, up until launch day and beyond.



Read the article How to Write and Sell a Music eBook.